About Us

Our table tennis club for disabled athletes “PARA SENEC” was founded as a civil society association in 2015.

The club is registred in the Slovak Sports Association for the Disabled. Our motto is: “SPORT HEALS.” Members of “PARA SENEC” are athletes with different physical disabilities such as amputation, cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. We regularly attend national tournaments such as the yearly Slovak National Table Tennis Championship and achieve great results. We are equally successful in the annual Slovak tournament for standing athletes. Our club is able to function thanks to the support from our town, our sponsors and donations. We greatly appreciate all the support we receive! Two of our members represent Slovakia in international tournaments and use their experience to coach new prospective players. Anyone interested in trying this amazing sport should not hesitate to contact us through our website, e-mail or give us a call. We will gladly welcome new members who, just like us, love to compete, train hard and never give up despite their disabilities.

A brief introduction to para table tennis

Para table tennis was first featured in the 1960 Paralympic games in Rome. Standing athletes with amputations and les autres competed for the first time in the 1967 Paralympics held in Toronto. Para table tennis players are divided into two main categories: standing athletes and athletes in wheelchairs. Male and female players compete in teams or individually. Team competitions start with a doubles game (teams of two players compete against each other), followed by no more than two individual games. A match can consist of a maximum of five sets of eleven points each. The winner has to win by two points. Para table tennis follows the rules established by The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Some of the rules are, however, slightly modified to accommodate wheelchair athletes. Athletes are divided into 10 different classes depending on the severity of their disability. Classes 1 to 5 are for sitting players (athletes in wheelchair) and classes 6 to 10 are for standing players. Class 11 was created for intellectually disabled players.

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